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February 04, 2009


Amy Woidtke

Congratulations Jefe! It sounds like a wonderful new adventure with great bonuses like travel, seeing marine life up close and personal and so on.

We were definitely sad to see the Cantina close, and quite happy to see you find a new great adventure to move forward with!

As the saying goes, "When one door closes, another one opens." Or in your case, when one place closes, a ship leaves the harbor...with you on it!"

(ok, not nearly as catchy as the original cliche. Goofy - and true!)

Have a wonderful time on your new journey!

Bright blessings,
interior decorator
EcoKind Design

frantic foodie

jefe, this sounds like an amazing job...
every end is just a beginning.......
Wish you so much luck

Antonio Knoy

Go Jefe! Glad to hear of folks on the upswing

Say hey when your back,
Antonio Knoy
Knoy Metalworks

Andrew Conway

Wow. Congratulations. I love messing around on boats, I'm jealous. All the best to you and your family. We miss you.

Nic Berry


Glad to hear that it's something. I texted what I thought was your number the other day trying to make some communication... I'm busy as usual turns out it was your wifes phone. So, I fail blogged it. I think I got the number from when you called/texted me before the Cash'd out show.

Anyways, good luck on your future ventures and I'm sure I'll see you soon enough.

Esther Mack

That sounds amazing! Have fun and good luck! (I'm jealous.)

Cousin Esther


Good luck, Jefe!

Genevieve and John

Ellen Gantner

Bon voyage Jefe! I was so sad to see the Cantina go, but fortune favors the bold...good for you for seeing this adventure as the opportunity that it is. Keep in touch and let me know if there is anything I can do for you or your family.


Hello: I just read this piece on the internet and wanted to make a comment.
I run a specialized French cooking school in my Inn on the eastside of Seattle. We are always looking for high quality classically trained chefs to instruct our hands-on French regional cooking classes. This is certainly not full time employment for any chef...but it is monthly.
We are also starting another Inn and cooking class enviroment in the Florida Keys...18 miles from Key West. Cruise ships come into Key West on a regular basis...and maybe if you are in that area...and have a few days off...we could work a class in when you on land by the Atlantic...it's just an idea..but I never know where things will lead me...and I certainly wanted to offer you an opportunity to do something with us here in Woodinville when you are home.
Thanks, Nancy Gates-Douglas


Wow! What a great adventure!
I wish i could go there too..Watching some dolphins!
Thanks for sharing this post!


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