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September 08, 2008


Patricia Eddy

WOW. Ok, my husband and I have always been impressed with the warmth and welcoming feel that Austin has every time we come there (to the point that EVERY time we come there we leave saying "we need to go there more"). But given what it appears you've been through over the past few weeks, I'm even more impressed that you've managed to stay sane and welcoming and still offered the onion cutting demo the other night.

Not that one couple's dining habits will make or break a night or a restaurant, but we'll definitely make it a point to come in more.


I've been absent for a while with some spontaneous trips I have taken with my wife, and the start of Husky Football, and Seahawks Football. But I'm glad that you made it through the rough patch. I haven't seen you since the concert and I do apologize. We have been looking forward to that Mac N Cheese for a long time coming.

I'm glad that there are other commenters on your blog now as well!

Steadfast Jeffe, and the ship will right. See yah soon.


Keep your head up. Rome was not built in a day.
Your business is built off integrity, experience, and passion. Give it time and without a doubt it will attract like minded employees and customers!

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