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September 22, 2008


Patricia Eddy

Trying to start a Twitter campaign to get the word out.

Other ideas:

See if Zane and Zack's will put up something at their Farmers Market booth about the sauce they make for you with directions to the restaurant.

What about 'Tell a Friend' certs? Give out to current customers for a free drink for friends they tell to come in? Might be hard to make sure people are being honest though.

Will keep thinking of ideas. We don't want you to go under.


Well, being short on time 60hrs a week myself, I don't really know how I can squeeze in on the weekdays. You really have already hit on a couple things that would intice me. The live music and the cooking demos sound like the most fun, but I just don't see how I can get off work ~6-7ish, hit a work out and then go home and get ready to go out. Pretty much the only options for Chrissy and I are thursday - sunday and we try to fill our weekends.
You know as well as I do that winter will get a little rough, but I think with some solid staff you can stay the course and work out all right.

We will do our best to "add to sales" on nights that you don't really need money. Sure is nice to help out a friend and get something so bountiful in return.

See yah soon Jefe...


John and I were just talking about cutting back on our going-out expenses (oh no!) because of needing to save money in these hard times, but we specifically called out Austin Cantina as a place that we'd break the rules for. See you soon on some weeknight for dinner!

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